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Polar M400 GPS Watch

Polar M400 GPS Watch

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Gone are the days when you had to change your watch to go for a run. The Polar M400 combines a sporting watch with an activity tracker giving you the ultimate all in one training device.

Smart Coaching

Heart rate zones
The default heart rate zones are divided into five zones based on the percentage of your maximum heart rate: very light (50-60 % HRmax), light (60-70 % HRmax), moderate (70-80 % HRmax), hard (80-90 % HRmax) and maximum (90-100 % HRmax). You can also define the zones as you want.

Training benefit
Motivating feedback that’s delivered straight to you immediately after exercise. So if you want to know the effect of different training sessions, this feature will tell you exactly what you need to know. You get a quick overview after each session, and for more detailed feedback, check your training file or get further in-depth analysis at Polar web services.

Fitness test
Polar Fitness Test measures your aerobic fitness at rest in just five minutes. The result, Polar OwnIndex, evaluates your maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max). With the Polar Fitness Test you can measure your aerobic fitness by yourself, automatically and without any exertion. All you need is your training computer. The test is based on heart rate and heart rate variability at rest and personal information.

Smart Calories
The most accurate calorie counter on the market calculates the number of calories burned. Calculation is based on your individual data: your weight, height, age, gender and the intensity of physical activity.

Running Index
Running Index is based on heart rate and speed data measured during the run. It gives daily information about your performance level, both aerobic fitness and running economy. Improvement in running efficiency indicates improved economy of running performance.

Activity features

Activity tracking 24/7
24/7 activity tracking registers your daily activity at different intensity levels. M400 tracks your steps, calories and sleep time, and notifies when you’ve been inactive for long periods of time.

Activity Guide
With Activity Guide you get recommended daily activity goal. It shows you different ways to reach your daily goal and tells you how active you've been during the day.

Steps and distance
Counts steps taken during the day. You can also see the distance of your previous day from the Diary view.

Inactivity alerts
Reminds you when you have been sitting for too long.

Activity zones
Activity zones track your daily activities at five intensity levels: resting, sitting, low, medium and high. You can follow these in the Polar Flow web service and app.

Activity Benefit
Activity Benefit gives you daily, weekly and monthly feedback, because the more you move, the greater the health benefits. You can check up on how you're doing either from your mobile or from the web.

Sleep duration and quality
Tracks your sleeping time automatically when you lie down and your body movements slow down. By showing you the amount of restful versus restless sleep, Polar Flow gives you a detailed look into how you sleep at night so you can see if it's affected by any changes in your daily life.

Training features

Sport profiles
Lets you list all your favorite sports and define specific settings for each one of them. For example, you can create tailored views for each sport you do and choose what data you want to see when you train: just your heart rate or just speed and distance – whatever suits you and your training needs and requirements best.

Training Diary
Training targets
Create detailed training targets, like interval workouts, in the Polar Flow web service and sync them to your device. During training you can easily follow the guidance on your device. When you are out of the right HR zone, the training computer will give a visual and audible alarm.

Automatic laps
Set your training computer to take laps based on preset distance, for example, every 1 km/mi.

Personal best
Tracks your personal bests and notifies you when you have broken your record.

Finish Time Estimator
When you head out for a run or a ride, M400 estimates your end time based on your speed

When you turn on this feature, your training computer starts and stops training recording automatically when you start or stop moving.

Interval timer
You can set two timers for any interval workout, based on distance or time. You can also combine or loop those timers.

Instant analysis
Instant analysis in the Polar Flow app. See your route and graphical visualization of your training data.

Advanced training analysis
You can easily analyse every detail of your training in the Polar Flow web service and get a deeper insight into your activities with plenty of possibilities to learn from what you do.

GPS features



Altitude, ascent and descent
Altitude is shown as ascended and descended meters/feet and uphill/downhill.

Back to Start
Directs you to your starting point in the shortest distance possible. Now you can check out more adventurous routes and explore them, knowing that you're only a touch of a button away from seeing the direction to where you started.

Technical Features

• Weight 56,6g
• Water resistant (30m)
• Thickness 11,5mm
• High resolution display (128 x 128)
• Display texts in 15 languages
• Updatable software
• Memory capacity up to 30 h training with GPS and HR

Rechargeable battery
With up to 8 h training time, 24 days in time mode with daily activity monitoring

Easy sync via Polar Flow app with Bluetooth Smart

Mobile app compatibility
iPad (3rd & 4th generation), iPad mini, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPod touch (5th generation).

Data transfer to PC and Mac with micro USB cable
Polar Flow web service compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, or later, and PC Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or later
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